Wooden objects

These sites give you a slightly insight in bowls, platers, hollow forms, spinning tops, urns, boxes and much more products made of wood. Every single piece shown here is made of wood and is handcrafted. The surfaces are fine sanded, oiled and / or polished with natural oils / waxes. Also the high-gloss pieces are not varnished. Wooden bowls are normally finished matte or semi-matte so they can be used as fruit bowl, salad bowl, bread bowl or for peanuts and so on. The glossy-finished bowls are more usable as decoration objects. Same could be said about the hollow forms, which are normally used for living room decoration. Some of the vases are prepared for usage as flower vase. The wooden boxes are made for using, too. Put in your preciouses or anything you like. The box itself will be an eye catcher too.
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