pen assembly press

How-to make a homemade pen assembly press


  1. Cut the slot which takes the alu-profile later with your router to the width of the profile.
  2. Now cut a slot in the top plank and put in the alumn profile
  3. Srew the whole thing together. First the profile to the bottom plank, then the top plank to the bottom plank. mount the toggle joint clamp, and finally mount the presser block with bolts and wingnuts.
  4. Happy penturning!

Material listing:

  • toggle joint clamp: I used an “amf 94136”
  • Alumn profile 20x20mm: M4 or M5 nut must fit in the slot. Length between 200mm und 220mm.
  • Bolts M5x35 2pcs and wingnuts (for the presser block).
  • Sheaves for M5 and M6 bolts.
  • Bolts M5x15 and nuts for mounting the profile to the bottom plank.
  • Spax 4×25 for screwing the 2 planks together
  • Rubber feets 4pcs.
  • Bolts M6x25 for mounting the toggle joint clamp.

3D Views: