Eccentric woodturning manual. An oval tool handle

Exzentrisch drechseln Anleitung
Exzentrisch drechseln Anleitung


  1. Tool blade (in this case a bowl gouge)
  2. A piece of metal pipe for the ferrule
  3. 2 pcs. of wood 50 x 22mm dark wood, I use black walnut
  4. Wood 50 x 4mm for the middle piece, I use sycamore


Exzentrisch drechseln Anleitung
First put the 3 pieces together, the bright colored wood in center and glue it together. This gives you a piece of 50 x 50mm. Mark the center and the offcenters at both sides. The offcenters are 14mm away from the center in both directions. (look at the PDF Plan)

Turning eccentric

Now sand the whole thing that everything is smooth