About me:


My Name is Bernhard Nepelius, i was born at  Aug. 23, 1970 in Linz / Austria.

A little boy i was as my father takes me with his motorcycle to a woodturner in Salzkammergut. The way this man worked dishes out of a lumpy piece of wood with such a speed fascinated me. Many years later i saw the possibility to buy a lathe and to make my shop downstairs in our home to follow this fascination. This room is about 30sqaremeters and now equipped with 2 lathes, a bandsaw, dust extraction, a circualr saw, i little combined planer and some fine hand tools. I like fine hand tools so much…

My main lathe is a Vicmark VL300. My second obsession is boating and wooden boatbuilding. You are warmly invited to visit my wooden boat building and boating website .

By profession i am a programmer / designer / photographer / and image composer focused at designing and programming database based internet sites or browser applications.

My handcrafts:

I love it to turn and sculpture fine forms with a perfect finish mostly of local wood species. I use many tools, recently i produce my own tools for hollowing out forms that can not be reached with comercial available tools, such as flat discus forms. A perfect surface is very important to me. I sand this beginning by #120 to #180 up to #600 to #1200. If high gloss is desired the surface gets some layers of oil, is sanded between them. Then a three step polishing finalized with carnauba wax will be applied.