Wooden spinning top made of Ebony, Grenadill, Black Palmmira

spinning topAfter a longer period making only small tops, this spinning top is a large one. The body of this is made of Ebony. There is a 1mm thick Black Palmira ring inlayed in that body. This rig must be so thin because of the different weight of the Palmira Sapwood and heartwood. This difference would make the top wobbling, if the inlay is too thick. The Mass of this big top is high, this and the brass tip results in very long spinning. The Top is sealed a few times, sanded between and the sanded up to grid 1000. The oiling and polishing procedure gives the spinning top a very gloss shining.



Wood Species: Makassar Ebony, Black Palmira, Grenadill, Brass
Diameter: 48 mm
Height: 90 mm
  • Turned dry
  • 3-8 layers wood oil with sanding after each layer (Matte to Semigloss)
  • Polished in two steps (Semigloss)
  • Finally polished with Carnaubawax (Gloss to High-Gloss)

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